By: Team De Veer

Take A Reno-cation!

Tags: Home Renovations, Guelph Homes

When winter hits most Canadians start planning their warm destination to jet off too. Sun, beach, waves, pina coladas…really the list could go on and on. Alas, reality. This year we are grounded. After a well-deserved 30 second pity party, we are all looking around and thinking, now what! This may not be the sunny beach vacation you’ve dreamed of, but why not take a reno-cation! Take a look around your home and see what projects you’ve put on the back burner and make that the focus of your vacation this year. The benefits to taking a reno-cation are endless! You may learn a new skill, improve the value of your home and even have fun!
Team De Veer has put together a short list of fun (and easy) reno-cation ideas to get you through the winter blues!

  1. Painting Party: A coat of paint or two goes a long way. No need to paint the whole house but why not tackle a room that could use a little spruce up! Painting is an inexpensive home improvement that doubles as a fun event so crank the tunes and brush away!
  2. Declutter & Re-Organize: This may not seem like a renovation but decluttering and organizing your space can actually increase the visual size of a room, which equals more value. Tips include removing heavy drapery or adding a mirror in a small space. This lightens the room and makes it feel bigger. Plus, who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned Marie Kondu episode for some inspo!
  3. Bathroom Basics: When’s the last time you replaced that old lighting or dated wallpaper in your bathroom? Small changes can mean big return when it comes to bathrooms as they are a huge selling feature in homes. No need to rip out the tub or sink, light aesthetic changes have a big impact.
  4. Little Repairs: Since you have some time, walk through every room and make a note of the little repairs. We always find it shocking the little things potential buyers pick up on when viewing a home. A small crack in a sink, a small stain on the carpet all of these little things can be noticed and add up.
  5. Kitchen Catch All: Take a step back and look at your kitchen. Any kitchen improvement is a good idea. Is there a backsplash you’ve always been wanting to finish or update? What about refinishing your cabinets? Light and airy kitchens are a win.

Although a home reno isn’t quite a beach vacation it can be fun and pay off in dividends. Feel free to ask Team De Veer for any tips….in the meantime, enjoy your reno-cation this winter!