By: Nikki DeVeer

Why Guelph is Gold for the Golden Years

Tags: Why Guelph is Gold for the Golden Years

Our beautiful city of Guelph has many qualities that make it gold for the golden years! It is located in the heart of Wellington County in southern Ontario and is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in Canada.  Simply stated, “Everyone Loves Guelph.”

What is notably appealing to active seniors are the gorgeous hiking trails. For instance, a stroll through the Guelph Arboretum’s landscaping in the autumn months is breath taking and never disappoints. Also, the trails along Speed River are relaxing and may just lead you to the Boat House for High Tea or an ice cream.

Seniors can continue to explore Guelph’s arts scene by visiting the city’s theatres, art galleries and concert halls, and the architecture of the city is also worth visiting.

Guelph is known for its restaurants, and there are many options for diverse dining all around the city -- and no shortage of places to shop!

The Guelph Wellington Senior Association is also a prominent contributor to senior health and safety in the city.

As an Accredited Senior Agent (2012) I have worked along with many mature clients that have pivoted from one lifestyle to another. Through these experiences I have come to learn what is important to the aging population. I’m happy to work with you and show you firsthand why Guelph is the place to live at any age, but especially in the golden years!

Thanks for reading,
Diane D