By: Team De Veer

Take A Reno-cation!

Tags: Home Renovations, Guelph Homes

When winter hits most Canadians start planning their warm destination to jet off too. Sun, beach, waves, pina coladas…really the list could go on and on. Alas, reality. This year we are grounded. After a well-deserved 30 second pity party, we are all looking around and thinking, now what! This may not be the sunny beach vacation you’ve dreamed of, but why not take a reno-cation! Take ...Read More

By: Nikki DeVeer

5 Essential Steps for First-Time Home Buyers

Tags: 5 Essential Steps for First-Time Home Buyers

  First of all, congratulations on taking some of the first steps down the path of homeownership! If you are considering owning in Guelph, even better! Owning a home of your own is a big step and its exciting too! As exciting as this step is though, for many a first-time home buyer, the process may feel overwhelming. In addition to feeling overwhelmed, if you are a millennial, you may wonde...Read More

By: Nikki DeVeer

Why Guelph is Gold for the Golden Years

Tags: Why Guelph is Gold for the Golden Years

Our beautiful city of Guelph has many qualities that make it gold for the golden years! It is located in the heart of Wellington County in southern Ontario and is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in Canada.  Simply stated, “Everyone Loves Guelph.” What is notably appealing to active seniors are the gorgeous hiking trails. For instance, a stroll through the Guelp...Read More